its time to see just how big the 5SOS tumblr fam really is


hey everyone! i’ve had this idea for a little while, and i’ve decided to get it started and see if it gets any interest.

after all this time, the 5SOS family has grown and grown, and i still think that the tumblr fans are the sweetest, and the loveliest, and the funniest. i really want to see…

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Bullying hurts


It all started in middle school,all of my friends changed and they started picking on me because of the way my teeth looked or just the way I was in general. I was also dealing with the death of my father and my mother being away and they never knew that, I was always portrayed as the quiet girl,…

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Michael Clifford lockscreen 
70 questions you could ask
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Anonymous: that michael clifford guitarists finger faster gifset turned me on im not gonna lie

I’m glad it did babe 


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Anonymous: Hey, I think you're hella rad. Pass this on to the next five people who you believe deserve it.

Thank you, babe!


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Artist: Unknown5 Seconds Of Summer
Title: UnknownLost Boy
Album: Unknown
Plays: 1,280
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Michael Clifford |Don't Stop|
Artist: Unknown5 Seconds of Summer
Title: UnknownRejects (3D)
Album: Unknown
Plays: 994
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Anonymous: Where in London do you get a 5sos album. I'm here from USA for one more day. And I need to buy it :(

I’m from America and I pre-ordered mine from Australia and you can try the nearest hmv store

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It finally arrived 
hgracekin: Tbh your amnesia +rain version is definitely my favorite, thanks :)

I’m glad you like it

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Ashton has an amazing catwalk, he should totally be Australia´s Next Top Model


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